Let’s get to know each other better.

I make an effort see people at their best, even on their hardest day. When I was little, my dad used to act in stage plays. He’d have me run lines with him, and there was something so inspiring about seeing his persistence to get each line just right. While it was a side gig for my dad, I saw his incredible talent. If he really wanted to, he could have been a wildly successful full-time actor. I’d watch him pour his heart into his craft, and when he’d get on stage, I knew he was doing exactly what he loved. Sure, he loved being a dad, and enjoyed his multiple decade long career as an electrician, but the guy never lit up brighter than he did when he hit the stage. Especially that final bow. I’ll never forget the look on his face during that final bow.

If only all of us could experience that kind of joy while we work, right? Spoiler alert: we can. Keep reading.

I was born and raised in the PNW, am the oldest sister to two amazing brothers, and the daughter to incredible parents that encouraged me to love who I am, trust my instincts and call things out like they were from the very beginning of my life. My mom was always the “working mom” and I loved all that came with it. The weekend trips to her high rise building, the Casual Corner try on sessions, and every single Take Your Daughter to Work Day her company hosted. I watched as she built a marketing career on instincts, emotional intelligence and the ability to rise to the occasion, no matter how high. While she didn’t have a degree, you’d never know. Her talent and experience always made up for the four years of expensive classes and any piece of paper. Even when she struggled to see it that way, it was always so obvious to me.

I found my way to college in Bellingham, WA where I graduated with a degree in Business – thanks to a mother that made it her life’s mission to have the experience she didn’t have. I met my best friend in that little town that still holds a piece of my heart. I began to get to know myself better when I moved into my very own place right out of school, bought a designer dog I couldn’t afford on a credit card, dated a terrible-for-me guy for 2.5 years too long, and got fired from my first job at a technical staffing recruiting firm. That was not my proudest professional moment.

Yet, it’s a part of my story that I continue to flip back to. It taught me a lesson that I took with me into my next chapter. I got my big break two weeks later, when I went to a mid-sized tech company that was on the cusp of intense growth. I recruited some of the most talented people I’ll ever know those first few years, eventually supporting them as a Human Resources business partner, and leader. Together, we built a culture I think we’ll forever be proud of there. The company grew from just below 500 to over 5000 in under the first six years I was there, and the experience I gained changed the trajectory of my life. I met colleagues, turned friends, then friends that became chosen family. Those years in a high growth, fast paced, incredibly passionate work environment felt hardly like work. It was the beginning of me realizing what was possible: work could absolutely feel like play, and I could get paid for it. I continued to tap into my strengths over the next 6 years. Our company was acquired as one of the biggest acquisitions in history in December 2014. Over the next 5 years, my career grew while I partnered with leaders as they worked to integrate into a new normal, and coached many of them as they transitioned to bigger impact senior leadership roles from there. I finally took my passion for leadership coaching to the next level when I got certified as a solution-focused coach in 2017 and began implementing a shiny new set of tools as an Employee Experience leader in technology.

In 2018, I felt the tug.

After having my third baby in the second half of the year, I knew in my gut that there was more for me beyond Corporate America. I had begun building my Beautycounter business as a side gig as a creative outlet for myself while on maternity leave. I quickly saw the potential in that space, and decided to give it a lot more of my attention. Simultaneously, that business started to give me glimpses of myself starting a second business of my own. For years, I’d been telling friends, family, and business partners to be vulnerable, to trust their gut, to own their story, and to always see their potential beyond the surface. Finally, it was my turn. I took my own advice, took a big risk, walked away from my corporate tech leadership career, and started my own coaching business while being more present for my family.

When women feel empowered and safe to be their best selves, without compartmentalization or competition, it multiplies. 

I’ve got a feeling you’re here because you know there’s more for yourself. You’re not alone if you’re feeling a tug that’s telling you there’s more for you. You’re sitting at a table, whether you know it or not, with many women that wonder if there’s a way to bring your passions to life, and make money doing it. I coach women just like you, whether you’re running your own business or someone else’s. 

You are the boss of your Iife. Begin to take meaningful action on your goals, and your life, today. Together, let’s create space for you to live a purposeful life, and do meaningful work that feels like play.