My Standard Service Offerings

and my approach to coaching:

My focus is on you, your business and your goals. You're the boss. It’s my job to honor the space that you’ve created for yourself (congrats, that’s often the hardest part!) and it’s your job to show up with an open mind and a willingness to move out of your comfort zone. I create safety as you grow and experience change and growth . I’ll let you in on something huge: you already have the answers inside yourself. I just help you discover them.

As a certified Business Coach, I'm trained to support and advance your mindset. I facilitate our time together by asking you questions that inspire you to truly own and achieve what you want. You’ll leave our sessions with clarity, a plan and the confidence to take action on your goals, your way.

I believe in an individual's ability to move through change with confidence, and my approach to coaching is rooted in science. The health of your mindset is the very beginning of making important change in your life. By focusing on what is within your control and putting your energy into how to achieve what you want, you will begin to confidently feel and see yourself get it.

I meet you where you’re at.

I design personal coaching programs depending on your needs and desired outcomes. Together, we uncover what is standing in your way and explore your possibilities, so you can take action on your life. Sessions are typically one hour in length, and packages start at $350.  Contracts range between 3 to 6 months, and frequency is anywhere from 1 to 4 times per month. Often times, I meet local clients in person, but video sessions are just as common, especially these days. Book your FREE Discovery Call to learn what a personalized coaching program could do for you.



A personalized coaching program, based on your unique goals using a comprehensive portfolio of experience, credentials and certifications.


A 2 hour in depth kick-off session, where we'll thoughtfully explore all of your big picture goals and possible outcomes.


1 to 4 coaching sessions monthly; frequency depends on your desired results. Access to me in between scheduled sessions via multiple methods of communication.


A thorough workbook, including planning templates and exercises, that supports you inside and outside of our sessions together.

What do you want? why?

This will be the launch pad for many of our sessions. It’s also the critical first step to meaningful action. Understanding your goals and ‘the why’ is how you will experience conviction and clarity in each of your sessions.


How might you get what you want? What are the many ways you could start seeing progress against your goal? You’ll have the space to establish confidence, while discovering and envisioning the many possibilities that are in your control.


Understanding what you are willing to do to experience progress towards what you want is an intricate aspect of our conversations. Without commitment to change, you won’t achieve it. Connecting you to your action steps is imperative to how you demonstrate consistency.


Reflecting on the work, the outcomes of your exploration, and your commitment to take action is just as important as the work it took to get there. We’ll celebrate your investment in yourself, and your new found confidence together, in every session.

My Service Packages

Reach out to me today to secure the package that best meets your needs.





This is an intensive single session workshop that includes one 90 minute coaching session, and access to me via text & video chat for one month. This is a good option if you’re new to coaching, prepping for a big event, clarifying a goal, need help connecting back to or defining your “why”, or a need to get ready for a crucial conversation. This is a perfect option for in the moment, near-term support, and for those working on shorter term/high impact selling goals. Great for individuals and teams. Pricing for team sessions will vary.

$350+ USD





This is a three session package, taking place over a three month period. In addition to your three, 60 minute sessions, you’ll have access to me via text & video chat in between sessions. This is good for those looking to accomplish short term goals, job transitions, year end close deadlines, mindset work, etc. This package is most popular for individuals leading direct selling and small business teams. Our first session together is a 90 minute exploratory session.

$700 USD




6 Session Package

This is a six session package, taking place over a 3-6 month period, and includes access to me via text and video chat in between scheduled sessions and includes two 15 minute impromptu mini-sessions. This package is good for those needing a high level of access and support, working in a fast paced influential business. This package is most popular for those seeking or at senior level leadership and executive levels. Our first session together is a 90-120 minute exploratory session. Package can be paid in installments. 

$1600 USD




Annual Package

Packages are customized per client and best for those familiar with coaching and its benefits. These packages will vary and will depend on the intensity of the client’s desired outcomes. Clients have exclusive and direct access and support throughout the year, often connecting multiple times a month. This package is common for corporate leadership and executive leadership clients in fast paced, frequently changing environments. Package can be paid on an installment schedule, agreed upon by coach and client. 

$5000+ USD

“You are one decision away from a completely different life.” - Mel Robbins.

Our sessions are facilitated with these pillars in mind:


It is my job to move you towards your desired future outcomes, while encouraging a position of positivity and progression.


I work to emphasize your holistic nature, and assist you in seeing how positive change can fit into your bigger picture.


I instill confidence in you as you trust your instincts and strengths, while respecting your desires and future outcomes.  Note: our time together is an advice-free zone.


We focus on transformational change in a specific and deliberate way that will lead to pivotal shifts in attitude, mindset, behavior and habit systems.

All questions are good questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

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