Be the Boss of your Life

I'm your Solutions Focused Coach. Let's get down to business.

We can bring your best right back up to the surface, where it belongs.

Be the Boss of your Life

I'm your Solutions Focused Coach. Let's get down to business.

I’d love to partner with you and help you bring your best right back up to the surface, where it belongs. Like a boss.


Hi, I’m Jordan.

You’re here for a reason. Congratulations, you’re one step closer to achieving what you want.

Let me guess. You are here because you are looking for more for yourself. At work, in life, or maybe both, yet you aren’t sure where to start. You are someone who has big goals and a passion to create the life you’ve always wanted, yet wonder if you’re on the right path.

I’m the coach that sees your value and potential, even on the days you don’t. I get a kick out of reminding you what you’re made of, and empowering you to take meaningful action on your life, because you are the boss. I’m a lover of vulnerability, always evolving myself, deeply spirited, and ultimately determined to help you work on your insides, so you can confidently show up as her on the outside.

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It’s my job to create space for you to safely change, grow, and evolve without hesitation or self-doubt so your clarity and confidence are contagious – at work, in your home, within your community and in your relationships. I’d love to partner with you and help you bring your best right back up to the surface, where it belongs. Like a boss.

In this quick cheat sheet, learn what to expect from coaching and begin imagining the possibilities it might create for you.


I can help you. Here’s how.

There are many ways you can expect me to serve you when we work together. All you have to do is trust the process.



 As a small business owner, you probably imagine many outcomes for yourself. Knowing where to start might be the first most important step in getting you to where you’re going. Not only will your goals be crystal clear in our sessions, I also teach you how to replicate a system that you can apply again again, ensuring that lack luster, disconnected goals are a thing of your past. 



Emotionally connecting to why your business, and your work is so important to you is a critical success predictor to if, when, and how you’ll achieve your goals. Knowing your why, and feeling it deeply, will set you up for success. By giving yourself permission to deeply care about the outcomes you want for yourself, you will move closer to achieving them.


There is nothing more exciting than watching you begin to experience work as play. When you are able to identify what you’re most passionate about, and connect that to a meaningful income stream for yourself, what you “do” professionally, will never feel like work again. Creating space that allows you to connect the dots and create a plan is critical.



Sessions with me are focused on understanding what makes you tick. I create space for you to uncover what is stopping you from executing on the plans and dreams you envision for yourself. I do this by helping you re-ignite the fire inside of you so that not experiencing your outcomes is no longer an option. 


My clients do not leave our sessions unless they have a clear action plan that excites them. We spend time identifying the many ways you might begin to experience the outcomes you desire for yourself, and we connect them to action steps that mean something to you. These are plans you are confident about, and motivated to commit to.


It is my job to ensure you stay in a positive, solution-focused head space during our time together. Focusing on the health of your mindset is my most important job, and yours too. A powerful mindset is the key to getting you out of your own way. It’s time for you to experience the professional progression you deserve.

“You are one decision away from a completely different life.” - Mel Robbins.

Words Worth Sharing

Jordan has taught me how to approach my “hobby” as the thriving business I have always imagined it could be! In the last three months, have been able to take my side hustle to the next level and commit to it strategically. Jordan has helped my mindset, helped me stay accountable, helped me believe in myself, and has given me such amazing tips along the way. Jordan is the most caring person, and always knows what to say to encourage me to keep going. I was a little nervous to invest in myself in this way, but it has been the best decision I have made in a very long time. I am finally making my goals and dreams a priority!

Megan Fray, Sr. Leader at Beautycounter

Jordan combines her compassionate, caring and lighthearted nature with a strong knowledge of solution focused coaching techniques. She holds an empowering space for me to be vulnerable, explore myself deeply while gently but firmly moving me forward towards my goals. Jordan has coached me over the last 8 months on a variety of personal and professional topics and during our sessions I’ve had many breakthroughs and aha moments of clarity that have impacted me and continue to impact me in such a positive way. Jordan has a variety of experience in the corporate and private sector and I can see that this provides her with a great asset towards her coaching profession. I would recommend Jordan for anyone looking for positive change and personal growth.

Small Business Owner - British Columbia, Canada

Jordan has been an incredible resource to me as I’ve grown as a leader over the last several years. I depend on her to help me gain the clarity I need to take action steps that feel authentic and natural for me—all designed to propel my career and my professional relationships forward. She creates space for me to freely think and explore possibilities, calls me on my BS which just gets in my way, and reminds me that there’s a lot more in my control than I might think. I walk out of our sessions with a realistic action plan, and the confidence to make a meaningful impact at work. Plus, she’s amazingly easy to talk to which makes the process a whole lot easier!   

AVP, Marketing - Insurance Industry

Jordan recently supported me through a leadership transition into a new leadership level with a new segment of our business. Jordan’s experience in the tech industry and history with the company allowed for strategic, timely, and actionable support that allowed me to lead effectively right out of the gates. As a female leader in tech, the first 90 days and the impression you make on peers and reports are crucial to ensuring a smooth transition and long term success. Jordan encouraged me to show up authentically, while maintaining a high level of assertion and confidence. Jordan is someone I can rely on for impromptu support and guidance, and I can trust that she’ll always push me to reach my full potential.

Meghan Noel, Executive Leader at SAP Concur

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