Changing up my self-care routine as the weather gets better is a must. Spending more time outdoors always moves up on the list of things to do around here once temps break into the 50s and 60s. Below are my 5 un-skippables as we step into spring.

CLEAN DEO: I’ve been doing a heavy metal detox and have definitely upped my effort in switching over to cleaner deo since learning I’ve got high levels of aluminum in me. The Beautycounter clean rose scent Clean Deo is killing it for me. It smells SO good, and it’s the only way I’ve been able to ward off my detoxing smelly pits. I have been warding off any of my irritation with witch hazel and charcoal soap

SERUM WITH TINT: You might be replacing your daily moisturizer with some SPF, but make sure to keep that serum step in check. The Beautycounter All Bright C Serum smells like spring, and gives your skin a great tint of color, thanks to the turmeric. Always, always, always follow this serum (any any vitamin C product) with sunscreen.

SHEER SUNSCREEN: I use two face sunscreen options from Beautycounter, and bounce between them depending on how I’m feeling. I love that this Sheer Defense sunscreen is safe and mineral based, yet doesn’t leave an annoying white cast across the skin. It’s a winning formulation that’s non-greasy and super lightweight. On days where I want a little glow and am feeling a dewy vibe I’ll use my Dew Skin. This is a product I use year round and layer in with foundation or wear separately. It’s got a slight tint, but enough to call actual coverage in my opinion.

PINK PUCKERS: My favorite lip shades from spring are Beyond Gloss in Dahlia and Raspberry, and Sheer Genius in the shades Rose and Lily. These non-sticky formulations are pigmented with the perfect pop of pink, but still keep your lips soft and hydrated.

ROSY CHEEKS: Cream blush is by far one of my favorite spring/summer multi-use products. These Color Pinch cream blush sticks are good for cheeks, lip and some even wear them on their lids! I personally love mixing hibiscus and caramel together as the perfect corally cheek this time of year, but individually they are perfection, too. You can’t lose with any of the shades. The future is creams, and a hydrating cheek product for those of us with aging skin is a must. These are perfect in a purse and can be applied with your hands in a pinch. If you prefer powders, my favorite shades for spring are every single one of these. I can’t pick favorites for spring because they all work perfectly this time of year.

Self-care, especially in a time that requires ALL of us, is massively important to mindset and overall mental health. If you’re not prioritizing YOU in all of this weirdness, please consider making a change there. I’m here to help color match and prioritize your cart. That’s probably my favorite part of the consultant gig. If you’re interested in the business, I do have ONE discount code ready for one person ready to say yes! Shoot me a note if you’re interested in chatting more about this opportunity.

What are your go-to spring self care steps?