It’s no secret by now that our family is preparing for our biggest move yet. Ty recently accepted a promotion that will pack us up and move us about 4.5 hours across our state, and potentially into the one next door. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the move, and from what I can tell, an appetite for change expands far and wide within our special community.

Ready for the best news ever!? We accepted a really incredible offer on our house yesterday, so checking that off the list has been massively stress relieving.

I’ve been capturing some of the most commonly asked questions I’ve been getting since sharing our news last month, and thought I’d share with you here.

Where are you moving? Will you stay in Washington State, or jump over to Idaho?

Ty was promoted into a larger territory and we need to move to a spot within his territory, so we actually have some pretty cool options. We’ve decided on the Spokane, WA area and are open to other areas within his territory. Spokane just happens to be the most central, and the area we think has the most to do. We’re hesitating a little, to be honest, only because there are some advantages for us to pop on over to Idaho. Opened schools, and a bit more freedom compared to WA are huge drivers when considering Idaho. Space, a lower cost of living (for now!),  seasonal weather that we love, and lots of access to lakes and outdoor activities. Our first priority was to sell the house, and now we’re focusing on packing and soaking in our last few weeks with our friends and family before we have to say our “see ya real soon’s”!

What has been the most stressful part of the move process so far, and any tips? 

Hands down, the most stressful part about this move was preparing the house to sell, and waiting for the offer review date. The work it took to prepare our house to be picture and showing ready was beyond what I expected. Three kids, a husband actively transitioning into his new role, and me working to prioritize all of the things was enough to push me to tears the second the house listed.  The pressure was heavy and there were times I felt like I was the one carrying the largest load. Tips? Communicate with your partner, apologize to your kids often, take breaks, and remember to create boundaries that keep your health at the top of the list. I think the second most stressful part of preparing for this move was telling the kids. We’ve gotten so incredibly close with our neighborhood through the last year, much more than I ever expected. Ty and I have talked about making a change for the last couple of years and early into the conversations, we didn’t have such strong friendships. Now, these friendships are gifts we’ll invest time into for the rest of our lives. We truly couldn’t have gotten through the last year without them.

How do you know what to do first with a move like this / where do you get started? 

I think the first thing to do really depends on your timeline. For us, Ty was given the opportunity to interview for this job, and it all depended on if he got it and when he’d have to be in his new territory. Backing into a targeted date was was drove all of the next steps. Knowing that, we worked with our agent on a timeline for the house, knowing that if we needed to be in his territory by May 1st, we’d need to list the house the week of March 15th. We knew to plan for a quick selling process, and a 6 week close. So we’re closing on our house the last week of April, leaving a few days before the keys get handed over to make sure the house and carpets are professionally cleaned and dry before the new owners move in. Movers come on April 26th, and we’ll officially be out on April 28th. I’ll share more on where we go from there soon!

Are you going to rent while you build? 

We aren’t actually sure what we are doing yet. I thought we had found a lot we loved, but it’s taking some time to secure those plans. It’s very likely that we will build and rent for a year until it’s done. But who knows, something could list tomorrow that’s perfect and move in ready. Now that our house is pending, it makes it a lot easier for us to make the move on something. This market is absolutely insane, so contingent offers are a thing of the past, for now.

Will you still homeschool next year? 

No, we’d like to get the kids back into public school next year. Homeschool is not for the faint of heart, and while we learned a lot, these kids need to be back at school and I need to get back to a working routine that allows me to pour into my passions a lot more often then I can now.

Will you work differently this summer while you transition?

Probably. I will most likely have to limit the number of coaching clients I take on this summer until the kids are back to school and we are settled. I usually keep my coaching client list to 10, so for now I’ll be prioritizing my current clients until September.

What did I miss?! If there are any other questions I can answer about our move, put them in the comments and I will answer them as they come in! All questions are good questions, by the way.

As things continue moving forward, I’m sure I’ll have more to share on this. Thanks for being here, and for your continuous support of me and my family!