There’s never been a more apparent time for me to protect my energy then now. With our impending move, I continue to come back to the need to create boundaries, and prioritize my energy. Of course the next five weeks are going to be massively busy, but I can’t help but think of this as a great opportunity for me to re-think how I spend my time in general. Wouldn’t it be cool if during these next 5 weeks I established a new habit system all together?!

Here are five ways I’m working to protect my energy right now, and thought I’d pass them on to you!

Start the day by getting outside with the kids. 

This has been huge. The kids recently told me that we don’t do anything together besides home school. They are right. And the other truth they shared is that they get the worst of me in that role. True again. I feel pressure to do all of the things, I lose my patience, and we give up a lot. They cry, I want to cry, and we all throw our arms in the air feeling terrible a lot of the days. For the last couple of weeks, our days have instead started with a really long walk up to their old school, lots of talking, hand holding, and hugs. We imagine what the move will be like, where we’ll live, what we are excited about and what makes us nervous. It’s so much more than getting outside with the kids. It’s about talking, dreaming, and loving each other through yet another hard year of change and transition ahead of us.

Delete apps that consume my energy.

I love Instagram for what it’s given to me as it relates to my community. But damn, it’s an energy suck. I found myself mindlessly scrolling, and feeling more anxiety about what’s happening in the world then I have the skin for right now. I was consuming too much and not creating enough. Even in the last week or so of being off-ish, I’ve gained more clarity on how I want to create for you and I’m feeling really excited about some of the ideas I was able to tap into that I haven’t created space for in awhile. I miss you guys, but I miss me more. I know you get it. I’ll be back soon, better than ever.

Listen to more music and more podcasts.

This has been surprisingly helpful – especially the podcast part. I’ve never really been into podcasts but with all of the laundry folding and cleaning happening these days I’ve found I have the mental capacity to really retain what I’m hearing. This way of consuming has really sparked my creative juices. Most importantly, it’s supporting my mindset when I need it most. I recently shared my Spring Forward playlists (Apple Music and Spotify) if you want to hear what I’m listening to these days. There’s a little of everything, I admit. I’ll share some of my favorite podcasts soon, too!

Speak up, Buttercup.

This one is pretty huge. Communicating has always been easy for me. That said, when I’m feeling overwhelmed and isolated, I tend to shut down. Add that to the things I learned about myself in 2020. I have to fight the urge to bottle things up now a days, and if I’m being real, I’ve kept a lot of things inside that I probably would have normally talked about by now. With family, friends, and especially on social media. This past year has done that to us. I know I’m not alone. We’ve been made to think that we have to struggle alone, because everyone is struggling. We’ve cheapened our own life experience and perspective in a lot of ways. I’m done doing that. I’ve got a lot inside that I’m going to work on getting out, but for now I’m choosing to speak up with Ty first and foremost. I won’t be sugar coating or shying away from telling him how I feel or what I need from him. Sure, he has a lot going on with his new job – but so do I. His job transition is no more important than what I’m managing. If I decide to let my feelings fester, that’s on me. That decision consumes a hell of a lot more energy than I exude just by letting him in on where I’m at – even if it’s not what he probably wants to hear. Things aren’t golden right now, but it’s not forever.

End the day with a bath.

This has been game changing for me and my sleep. I treat myself to some epsom salt, or a giant bath bomb (these are my current favorites) and I fill my biggest water bottle and zone out. I often excuse myself right around the time Shelby goes to bed, but sometimes I’ll do it right after dinner and peace out on the bedtime routine, guilt free. You. read that right. I do not feel bad about missing bedtime routine. P.S. Bringing my cortisol levels down has been a priority for the Body Blue Print program I’m doing, so skipping one of the most stressful times of the day a few nights a week has been nice.

What are you doing these days to protect your energy!? I’m game to adding a few to the list, and I’m sure others would love to learn from you, too.